Operation Times Out when connecting to Orchestrator


I’m trying to setup an unnatended robot in a machine, but whenever i try to connect to Orchestrator I get a Time Out Message Box.


Hi @luan.quirino1,
Could you give us more details? How are you trying to connect? Please describe it step-by-step with some screens if possible.

I’m trying to connect via UiPath Assistant. I enter the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key and click the connect Button. Then I get an Operation Timed Out Message Box.

Any possibility that your network of firewall blocks you?
Are you able to normally navigate to the https://cloud.uipath.com

I’m able to navigate https://cloud.uipath.com and access the Orchestrator.
The firewall can blocking an acesss. Is there any log I can see accesses the UiPath Assistant uses to connect to the Orchestrator?

Are you on enterprise or community license?


Hi @luan.quirino1,

If you are on enterprise license, you can also raise a support ticket with uipath by visiting customer portal.

Then Uipath support team will contact you and be able to assist better.


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