Not able to connect uipath robot to orchestrator. Timeout error occurred

I have configured the orchestrator and created the machine and robot with the correct information but it shows an timeout error when trying to connect uipath robot to orchestrator. I want to run unattended robot in this hostmachine. Orchestrator URL and the machine key is correct. still i could not connect robot to the orchestrator. Please find the error screens below.

This shows when hower over the status.

Status: not connected to orchestrator

There is huge load of backlog because of this issue. Please support to solve this issue.


@Harsha_Madhushan Kindly restart the computer, Check for robot, machine , environment, process and job. Then try to connect the robot

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In the Orchestrator URL just enter value till your user name…
Example :<your_username>/PravinDefault/orchestrator”

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I could’not restart the computer because this is a VM.

In addition to that. This is not the community edition. We have purchased the enterprise licenses for the orchestrator and for the other robots

Does issue resolved?