Cannot add robot to orchestrator - connection timeout

The robot shows connection time out when i tried to connect the robot to the orchestrator.
It was working fine for past 3 months, but today it is not working anymore.

Is this a scheduled downtime for orchestrator ?

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@rgchan2004 -welcome to community! please check and update robot credentials in orchestrator.
can you share the orchestrator job exception here?

machine key : 0d3b2a09-8335-4bc2-917d-a42fc4354ffb
machine name : DESKTOP-S3PGIOO
orchestrator :


please check your internet connectivity and antivirus/firewall (inbound/outbount actions).

firewall has always been disabled for this PC

@rgchan2004 - please uninstall and install the latest community edition and try.

hi @rgchan2004
Welcome to uipath community

check as follows
first, go to your orchestrator and delete relevant this robot and machine,
and re creating robot and machine again
and try to connect it

tried, the connection is intermittent, and it varies from LANs to WANs, sometimes if i am using hotspot wifi, I can connect better. Anyone, knows why ?