Open Xaml from Nupkg file

I would like to open nupkg file in Studio to check code which I downloaded from Orchestrator.
Scenario is : Test.nupkg file has developed by a developer and he published the package on orchestrator and xaml file has been deleted because of system crash. There is a requirement to change code on Test package but we do not have xaml file, So Is is possible to open nupkg file in studio. If yes, then please share the steps.

Thank you.

Hi @Mohini_Gupta,
It is possible. Nupkg (Nuget package) is specially compressed package with project, dependencies, certs and other things needed for the project to run properly. You can for example decompress it using 7zip application and your file will be located under:

However, this is not recommended way to get the project files and may cause discrepancies in project.



You can also Change the extension of Test.nupkg to Test.Zip and Then We get a Zip of Code and Follow the steps suggested by @Pablito.



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