No xaml files available when extracting from the nupkg package

Hi People,

I’m unable to find the xaml files of the project in the folder.

Following the steps i followed when facing this issue:

  1. Publish the latest update of the project in the orchestrator and from machine 1.
  2. Login to orchestrator from machine 2
  3. Download the latest published version from the package.
  4. Change the extension of the downloaded file from .nupkg to .zip
  5. Extract the file to the local in machine 2
  6. When i opened the project folder, i do not see any xaml files in any of the folders within.

Attached is the screenshot of the project folder when extracted from the downloaded file:

Project Root Folder:

In the ‘content’ folder;

I have seen xaml files when extracting via other packages in the content folder, however for this particular project, i do not see any of the xaml files in it.

Could someone please help me out in figuring out the issue?

HI @Karthikeyan_CS

And You extracted with?

Try extracting it with 7zip



Check on the “lib” folder.

i have searched the entire folder using *.xaml

No results for xaml files from the root folder.

tried that too… 7zip is able to extract from the nupkg file itself… However no xaml file within any folders. Same issue occurring.

@Karthikeyan_CS Hi
Can you confirm the files in the package explorer before downloading them from the orchestrator?

Check manually once again @Karthikeyan_CS

Goto lib-> net45 and see again


The Explore package button is disabled for this.

no luck bro…
Lib folder contains only ‘net6.0-windows7.0’ folder. Within this folder there is a bunch of .dll files

confirm the permission

Check this solution Not able to see the xaml file from the extracted .nupkg file - #6 by marian.platonov as I think you didn’t include the Source files while publishing the package to Orchestrator.

Include Sources - select this option to package all .xaml sources within the published package, including workflows that were previously made private. For Windows - Legacy libraries, the files are saved in the generated assembly file and in the lib\net45 folder in the .nupkg file. For Windows and cross-platform libraries and processes, the files are saved in the content folder in the .nupkg file.


Have you check your publish options like if include source code is not checked then it will not shown you source files

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