Open Win + r in RDP without opening Run on local

Hi all,

I have a flow where after the bot logins to RDP it’s supposed to run a couple of applications.
Testing via my local (laptop) this flow works but when I upload to bot server to open RDP it logins great but after RDP loads the Win + r (via Hotkey) window opens Run in bot server and not RDP even though RDP is on Fullscreen.

Start Process and Open Application don’t open the application only Win + r has proven to work.

It works well on my laptop but I want this process to be stable for it’s going to be an unattended process.

Have you come across an issue like this? TIA

Hi @j8zel,

As I understood, you have a RDP session in window setting, you rather have it fullscreen.

I would suggest a slightly different approach.

  1. Since you already know which RDP session you / robot will login, I suggest you save the connection as it own .rdp file for example RobotClient.rdp.

  2. Then open the RobotClient.rdp in notepad or notepad ++ and edit the screen mode id key to You must have screen mode id:i:1 when you directly open from RDP connection window. Edit it to

    screen mode id:i:2
  3. Then you can still use ctrl+r and tell the run window to run that RDP file you saved

  4. Robot continues to click on the Connect Button and further sign-in

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Thanks for responding.

I don’t have issues logging into RDP. The issue is when in RDP the bot will action Win + r but the Run dialog will open in the bot server when I want it to open in the RDP window. The issue still persists even though the RDP is full screen.

Hi @j8zel,

Help us understand your case a little better. A screenshot showing what your issue might help forum members understand the scenario better.

Are you trying to use ctr+r to activate in the robot scope (green block) or outside of it (read block)


I hope the image explains better. The bot doesn’t use ctrl + r.
The hotkey is Win + r