How to work with RDP?

I am trying to use Send Hotkey within RDP, but UiPath sends hotkey outside the RDP window.

There are some tasks I need to do within Windows Remote Desktop Connection window, such as opening a file, opening File Explorer. Since everything is image-based, which cannot be trusted, I want to use Send Hotkey. Or even Start Process.

I am trying to open File Explorer using Attach window attached to the remote window, but File Explorer opens outside the remote desktop. Also, all of the send hotkeys happen outside the remote window.

How can I make it work?

Hello @Raj222 ,

For RDP automation, you can check this:

Also, another workaround is to use Computer vision:

I hope it helps.


have you installed Windows Remote Desktop UiPath extensions? after installed you can click on file explorer shortcut in taskbar RDP

Windows Remote Desktop extension is not free right? When I googled that extension, it says I have to install .msi and it takes me to UiPath products page and it looks like I have to pay…

@Raj222 , I see that the runtime is available on Cloud portal.

If you created an account on their Cloud platform, from where you downloaded the Community studio, you should be able to download from that portal also the runtime.
Also you can sign up for Enterprise version for 60 days.

The cloud portal link:

Help > Resource links

i hope it helps…