Open Web Page Excel and Save As XLSX - Cannot open excel file and format don't match

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I have seen other posts on this topic, but none of them seem to have garnered any solutions:

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My issue is specific to an HTML/Web Page Excel. I guess it is a report that gets generated as HTML inside of an excel workbook. I need to have UI path convert this to an xlsx. If the workbook is opened, I get an warning saying the format and file extension do not match. If I click ‘yes’ to continue, it will display the data. I can then manually save the file as ‘xlsx’. I am not sure how to accomplish this in Studio X or Studio. web_page_excel

Simply trying to rename the file extension to ‘xlsx’ using a file move will not work. I believe the file needs to be opened, the error overcome and the file saved as ‘xlsx’.


In StudioX, Something like this should work - open the file using the UseApplication scope, wait for the dialog to appear and click OK, use an “UseExcel” scope after that to attach to the Excel document and save it as another file having the xlsx format.

As a side note, we plan to simplify this kind of scenarios to allow UI Automation actions directly in the UseExcel fiel scope.

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Hi @flavius ,

Thanks for your response. It actually started working without the need for on-screen interaction (Although, I was looking at that and your solution looks very simple and understandable). I’m not quite sure what I did to change the behavior, but it works!

I will go ahead and mark yours as correct.


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