ERROR: The file format and extension of don't match. the file could be corrupted or unsafe

Hi all,

Robot downland a xls file from SAP but cannot open it because of getting this error.

Ho may i solve this excel file problem?

What happens if you click ‘Yes’?

Use a parallel activity with a click activity to press “Yes”. :slight_smile:

@DanielMitchell @MaxyArthes

it doesn’t work. When click yes it is open an empty page.


First try changing the file extension to .xlsx and see if that helps. Otherwise, follow the solutions here. It seems like this issue is most often caused by an excel file with html content.

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What happens when you open the file manually instead of UiPath?

I’ve come across HTML file disguised as .XLS or other PopUp triggering Excel files and the solution has always been to uncheck “Visible” in Excel Activity Scope.