Open Excel File: Extension and format mismatch

Hi guys! I am trying to open an Excel file using Use Excel File Activity, however I encountered the following error:

I think this is because my Excel file has an format and extension mismatch. How do I go around to fix this so that UiPath can open this file?

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First Try Repair tools

If you’re using activities like “Excel Application Scope” or “Read Range,” try using different variations of these activities. For example, you can try using the "Read Range Workbook " activity or “Read Cell” activity to see if they work without issues.

Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Use Read Range Workbook activity and give the excel path. Give the sheet name. Store the output in a variable which is of Datatype DataTable

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul ,
You check

Or use
and more other solution to get data at .xls file

Hello @Hou_Paang_Soul ,

  • Try repairing or Re-installing the Microsoft Office InterOP Package
  • You can use the Excel Process Scope and put the Use Excel File Activity inside it, or Else you can also use the Classic excel Activities.
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Hi @Hou_Paang_Soul

Please Use the “Read Range Workbook” Activity and give the Path File exactly using “.xlsx” Extension and give the SheetName in Double quotes - “Sheet-1”

Hope It Helps You,

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