How to continue on excel warning "file format don't match"

Hello guys.
Maybe someone knows how to solve this kind of problem?
I have an excel file which is .xls format (I can not use another format, because I have a very specific task). And when I am trying to open it manually I get this kind of warning:

When I am using the Excel Application Scope activity it opens as an empty file. I assume it is because this question/warning appears. I did a research and found that it may help to unclick the “visible” option, but it does not help.
I need to press by default yes not no option in that warning. I tried reading it without the excel application scope only with the read range activity. It did not work either. Thank you for your time!

The message means that despite the fact that this file ends in XLS, it’s not formatted as an XLS file. Try changing the extension to XLSX and see if it opens. If that doesn’t work, try XLSM, then XLSB, then CSV, to name a few.