Open minimize program in UIPath

Hi, is it possible to open the minimized application in Windows?
Let say I have a microsoft word open in my pc, but in minimized condition. I want to check if the microsoft word is in active window, then continue the process. But if it is on minimized condition, I want it to be restored to screen then continue the process.

How to do it in UIPath? I am thinking of using keyboard hot key alt + tab, but sometimes many running application in my pc so I can’t predict how many times to alt+tab

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Do you have access to the window as a variable? If so, you can pass it to Restore Window activity. If the window is already active it will do nothing. If the window is minimized it will restore the window.


he should be easily be able to get the access to the work window by this selector :
<wnd app='winword.exe' />

  1. Use the Attach Window activity and set its output.
  2. use Show/Maximize Window Activity to get it visible.