Is there any minimize and maximize short keyword for activity?

Hi Team,

It is very helpful to do the work easily in uipath using shortcut keys, but I did’t find the minimize and maximize short-cut keywords for activity.

I hope, Its is helpful to improve uipath performance.

If it’s already available please let me know


Because In UiPath Studio They already have the Activity for that purpose i.e. Maximize Window and Minimize WIndow. Just use them with Container to get no problems :slight_smile:
But still shortcut approach will be good for Image Based Automation Practice and For Citrix Based Automation As well

So there are two windows shorcut Combination you can use for that, which are as follows:

Alt+Spacebar + X //Maximize window

Alt+Spacebar + N //Minimize window

There are more options with windows key as well on the keyboard like

  1. Restore Down: Windows logo key + Down Arrow
  2. Minimize: Windows logo key + Down Arrow
  3. Select Window: Windows logo key + Tab (or one of the other key
    combinations that can be used to select an open program)
  4. Maximize: Windows logo key + Up Arrow


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@aksh1yadav, I think he is talking about Expand and Collpase function available in right corner of studio.
And he needs to expand Only one activity/Sequence at a time with a keyboard shortcut.

@arivu96, Correct me if I am wrong.

Dominic :slight_smile:

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Yes @Dominic - you are correct.


Sorry for my misunderstanding and hurry :slight_smile:

well i have not noticed on this aspect yet but will try if will can grasp some things on this or may be other who have better visibility on this can share :slight_smile: @badita

Well we have tried before the change shortcut keys and defined as well but unfortunately it was not taking by studio but again will try and will get back to you asap


I looked into this and there is a key combination that will work.

With the activity selected, Press the “Menu” key that is next to the Windows key on most keyboards, followed by the key underlined (“L” for collapse)


Maybe that will work?


Hi All,

Great idea, its working.
Minimize -> keyboard right click button + L activity.
Maximize -> keyboard right click button + n + Enter activity.

but if with out using right click button means its very easy to minimize and maximize.



Thanks for your information