Default Window for Minimize/Restore/Maximize activity

What is the default Window setting for the Minimize Window/Restore Window/Maximize Window activities?


I would presume that when I omit the Window property of e.g. the Restore Window, it will take the current browser or application scope, yet I suspect that UiPath is actually taken the Window that has the current focus. This specifically concerns activities that are missing the indicate window on screen selection which makes it questionable what the default window is.

This question is related to How do I make my robot process unattended? as in attended (development) mode the activity appears to run fine but in unattended mode where it is started from Orchestrator, windows logon might be still active and therefore the application in scope looses it focus. As a result the Restore Window activity opens the Windows Start Menu rather then restoring the application in scope.

In other words, besides from changing a Type or Click activity from Default to SendWindowMessages or Simulate for an unattended robot process, I guess it is also mandatory to explicitly set the Window setting for activities as Restore Window to make your robot fully unattended.

Is this a correct assumption?
If it is, which other (Windows) activities does this concern?

The Window property takes an object that the application scope or Attach Browser scope generates. So if you output the object when you use Open URL or Open Application, you can send this object to the Window parameter.

I am aware of that, but that is not the question. The question is: what window will be restored if I do not define the Window setting (the one that has the focus or the one in the application scope?). If it is the window that has the current focus, it implies that the Window setting should be always set for an unattended robot (and that is nowhere documented afaik).

The activity will throw an error if it is not in an attach window, since there is no window known to maximize/minimize.

Some further testing confirms what you are saying.
Yet, I can’t explain what else causes the Windows Start Menu to intermittently open at the beginning of the unattended robot process.
Anyways, thank you for the answer.

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