How to maximize window?

Using ‘start process’ I have opened a photo viewer window. But the opened window is of ‘Restore down’ size. How can I maximize the window?


You have several options.

Maximize window activity within an Attach Window scope

Click the maximize button on the top right of the window with a click activity.

Send hotkey Win + PageUp.



I have tried with attach window. But what happened is like it opened a window with maximized size thereafter start process also launched the window. As a result, two windows got opened.

I actually want to maximize the application window that is launched as a result of ‘Start Process’ activity.

How about using Start Application Activity (which will call natively Start process) so you will have the scope to use the maximize window activity?


From where can I get this ‘Start Application Activity’?


  • Please use Open application activity

  • Create a Windows variable(ex:photoWnd)

  • pass variable photoWnd in Maximize window activity as the input.


The activity is named Open Application, sorry.

I would recommend you to go through the UiPath academy exercises which provide an excellent learning path to discover capabilities of the product.

At the end you will even be able to get certified


Open application did the job.
Thank you @ddpadil, @Florent_Salendres

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Could you please let me know variable type for photoWnd. I decleard a variable jsstWnd with int type but when i am using this for ApplicationWindow i am getting following error .
“Integer can not converted to UiPath.Core.Window”

Change its datatype from int to UiPath.core.window or

simple in the output ApplicationWindow property just hit ctrl+k and create a variable with the compatible type with the property automatically.


Thanks. I just use ctrl+K for declaration of variable now its working fine.


Use “Maximize Window” activity inside “Attach Window

Hi Team,

There are several way to deal with Maximize window. Please have a look.

  1. Using Open Application & Maximize window: When we are opening the application for the first time and planned to maximize the Application by clicking on the maximize button.

    A. First Let’s have Open application and a maximize window activity within it.
    B. Lets create a variable of type window in open application and pass to the maximize activity.

  2. Using Attach window → Maximize window: When we have a opened application and we are doing some action on it, then we are planning to maximize the application by clicking the Maximize Button.

A. Let’s have the attach window activity and indicate the windows which you are planning to maximize.

B. Lets create a variable of type window in Attach Window activity and pass to the maximize activity.

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working :slight_smile: thanks


We can use Send hot key (windows+up) it will maximize the window.

Hi @GunashekharKotla,

That is also you can use. The same thing you can apply into to the TypeInto activity. So many ways we can maximize the window.


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