"Open browser" activity opens Internet Explorer twice


As the title indicates, since the last update (2019.6), the “Open browser” activity opens Internet Explorer twice, causing a malfunction in the rest of my processes.

Strangely, even when I launch the old version of UI Path Studio, the problem is still there, yet everything was working fine on Monday, before the update.

I am investigating a potential IE configuration issue that could have occurred when the browser was opened by UI Path, or by a potential IE update launched on my company’s network, but so far I have not found anything.

Julien F.

Tested open browser activity and everything seems to be fine.
Can you check if your IE configuration is changed (like tab open in new window) -


Karthik Byggari

It seems you have a default page defined in Internet Explorer. Like first time when you will open IE it will open microsoft.com page or msn.com or any default set page.
You will have to remove it from internet options settings.

I have the same issue, UIPATH open the browser and waiting for click OK on confirm certificate to continue , but after 5 seconds it opens the IE again with the same link .

I have another issue, if there is a popup message after IE opening, UIPATH will stop with OPEN IE activity and will not go to next activity to click OK to continue.
If someone can help to suggest .

I’m also facing similar issue. It opens another window. However, for your second issue, below solution worked. Put open browser under try catch and use attach browser activity in catch.

Use Open browser with blank link and then use navigate to your link it will overcome the issue


i think that is a some kind of bug. @Vinodkumar_Kalkumbe 's solution worked for me.

In my case there is a pop-up that shows when browser opens, then uipath perceives it as an error and throws BrowserOperationException

Hi @Julien_F
Replace the Open Browser with the Start Process activity. Set the full path for Internet Explorer (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”) on FileName and for Arguments set the url you desire to open will work the same and will avoid this problem forever. I´ve faced the same before.

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I am facing few continous issues related to internet explorer on windows 10. Even web developers have also stopped maintaining sites for Internet Explorer, so there is no reason for using the aged browser when you have multiple other choices, including one from Microsoft – Microsoft Edge. I am loking fior the steps to uninstall it and i found a guide for this purpose here https://www.reviewsed.com/how-to-uninstall-internet-explorer/ but i want to reconfirm the procedured mentioned in this guide are valid?