Open html file using Excel Application

Hello All,

Currently i had report .html from Symantec AV Endpoint,
from that html file, i need to create report using .xlsx (excel file).

I didn’t know how to achieve this, i had try using excell scope and using ‘Start Process’ Activity but still facing some issue.

Goal : ‘Open html file using Excell application and save it to .xlsx file’


HI @aliaga

Check out the link and thread


Hi @Gokul001 ,

Sorry for late response, thankyou for recommendation.
I think i can’t achieve my goal using that activity.
My goal is to open html file using excel and save it to .xlsx file.


Hi @aliaga ,

  1. To open HTML file, use start process activity.
  2. Then use Data scraping to extract table from HTML file.
  3. Save datatable as excelfile using write range activity.



Hello @muthuraj.c ,

Thankyour for your response,
Already try that and that isn’t goal i want to achieve.
because the table format is different.


Can you share the sample format of your html file ? it will help others to help you

Hi @whitestar ,

here the Screenshoot of my html format


Hello @aliaga

With Uipath you cannot directly convert a HTML file to .xlsx file. So what you can do is open the html file using chrome or other browsers using start process activity.

Then use table extraction to extract the table. Then use Write range activity to write to excel.


which field are you trying to extract ? can you remove the sensitive information from html file and share in the forum ? i used .net class method to read the < table > tags from html file and loop the and tags

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Thankyou for your response.
For this case, i found solution to achive my goal.

  1. Use excel scope to open html file and Save Workbook activity (no need to read range or other activity)
  2. Use excel scope again (different scope with step 1) and insert Copy Sheet to other .xlsx files


Hi @whitestar ,

Thankyou for your response.
For this case already found the solution.
please have it checked.


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