Converting HTML file to excel

Hi Guys…

I am currently trying to copy content html file and paste it in particular excel sheet …
after workflow gets run the html file will be open, then I have to copy content to excel sheet…

Can anyone guide in this!

Try this logic

Main.xaml (11.2 KB)

Thenks @farhan94 , its useful …but regarding the excel I need to open existing excel file can I also use Open Excel Scope activity?? cuz I am getting error and isnt open the file

could you help?

yes sure. what’s the error?

Excel file it opens for 1 sec and closed…
see below the workflow

I have after opened file, select sheet 1, paste it then saved

after opening the excel file, you can add “attach window” to make sure the values are pasted in the excel sheets.

File will be closed immediately after the processs inside excel scope are completed. You can check “autosave” property in properties or pass ctrl+s hotkey to save before closing

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You have to first select the range for pasting. use select range activity before send hot key(ctrl+v)


Thanks all its working fine!

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