HTML Table To Excel

Hi I have this HTML Table

I want to write as it is in excel with color.
please suggest me solution.

Hey @raja.arslankhan,

Have a look on this custom activity available in the market place.


This activity is kind of opposite of what OP is looking for.

Please provide the sample HTML data.

Hi @raja.arslankhan & @AkshaySandhu

Have a look on the video


This is not what OP is looking for.

Hello @raja.arslankhan

Are you trying to extract table from web page and then writing it to excel ??
After that are you trying to add color to the cells???

If yes, is this format a static one?


Thanks Everyone. You all are talking about → How to get data table from HTML
I was Talking How we can map HTML DataTable to Excel with exact font and color.
So there is no specific method or activity.
But we can read html file and get color and font from it and then utilize in another place

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