Extracting the data from SAP

Hello, I started to learn UiPath and I love it so much. :slight_smile: I need a little help, I learn to extract the data from SAP. The extension of the file is .html, and I want to upload the content, the file is open, into a website, can you tell me how can I do that? I have only one sheet with 6 columns. What activities should add? Thank you very much.

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Could you visualize it a little bit for a better understanding?

Hi, I want to do something else much easier, after extracting the file from SAP, extension is .html, I don’t know how can I convert into .xlsx extension and save on desktop. :frowning: Thank you!

What transaction do you use? there is often the possibility to choose file type of SAP exports, e.g. excel
so your bot does not have to convert the file

Maybe something is wrong in my steps. I use spreadsheet from the transaction LX03, basically is the stock from some materials, so that means I save in .html extension so that’s why I think I’m not doing anything right. I tried with “Data Scraping” but it takes to long because there is a lot of data. As you can say, how can I save directly into excel file with extension .xlsx?

HI @ovidiu_2088

Check this screenshot

In your SAP WinGUI it can look a bit different, but navigate to SAP Menu, goto LIST and export all stuff as an Excel file.

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Yes, I discover now, I was a little confused. After the file was exported, from the open table, I copied all the data into another excel file and I uploaded to a web site. My issue was that how can I transform that excel file with extension .html (exported from SAP) into an excel file with extension .xlsx. Sorry for misunderstanding but also, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

this is the right format


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