Excel random click and delete on type into

Hello, I have the following sequence and what I do is: open excel app, insert path to which excel to be open, upload the excel, save and close.


The issue is that when I put type into activity, instead of typing the excel path & name, it selects what I have on my desktop and delete.

Are you aware why is this happening? (I have deleted the folders name for security reason)
Thanks a lot!

Hi Emilia,

Why cant you use ExcelApplicationScope for excel operation?? wont Excel application scope solve your purpose? since you can pass the file path directly into it…


Hello Raviteja, because I have multiple excel files in a folder and I need to open each, one by one, modify, close…

Hi @Emilia_Daian

Can you elaborate your requirement on Brief?


For that what you can do is, instead of using start process use Excel application scope and u can do what ever operations required to do in excel file… please check the attachment for reference

ExcelFile.xaml (7.0 KB)

Firstly, I need to move the multiple excel files with name “Done” in to a folder. .then, I need to open each excel file, upload the excel in an accounting app(I have a special button for this), save and close the excel.
Then I go in app and validate the data retrieved from excel.

Hi @Emilia_Daian

Use attach window for the typing the path and performing the click indicating the pop window after clicking the browser option!


use start process and pass the path for the file path, it’ll be easy and it’ll directly open that file in excel.

You can close that excel in multiple ways, click on close, sending Hotkey Alt*+ F4 for a generic Excel Screen selector, close application or kill process

This video shows the working.

Opening Files in a Folder using Start Process

Official Documentation:

Thank you, this method works, but I think is more complicated than that. Because I need to log in an app which activates me in excel a special button for upload. If I open excel app scope, like you said, it does not see the button…

@Raviteja_N thanks for alternative. I just found out that Excel application scope do not “see” the add-ins of Excel… I think I need to find a workaround…

@pravin_calvin Thanks a lot! it worked, but now I have an error on opening other excel files… it worked for the first one… I modified the selector so I do not understand why this is happening…

@rahulsharma thank you for video, my problem is a bit different but is good to know this as well.

That video was just showcasing how to open the files using Start Process. using Start process would be better than opening excel then using UI automation to open a file from path. Simply pass that path in Start process, that will do the needful.

@rahulsharma I tried the Start application as well… I had the same issue as above, it does not go to the next excel… I expected the "Start process " to start for each item & do the actions on excel… I am not sure what I am missing from the flow


so it does not perform the click for the second excel …

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Hi @Emilia_Daian

Try using kill process and using process name as excel before each iteration


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The proper way to do this is to read the Excel file into a datatable with Read Range, then work off the datatable data.

Appreciate you tried! :+1:

That failure is because of the action you are performing, that started executing before the excel was opened. you need to put a condition that will wait for that excel to open (maybe you can use a generic excel selector in Element Exists activity and once it appears then perform your action.

below is the skeleton that shows the logic that needs to be applied

Sample Fie for reference:
StartProcessDemo.xaml (8.4 KB)

Hope this helps!

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@rahulsharma is working perfectly, thank you very much for your time and good luck with automation:)

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@pravin_calvin thank you for your time, indeed this was the missing step.

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