Open file continuously

Hi, @supermanPunch

I want to keep open this file path continuously for a substantial time.

“C:\Users\mitulchoudhary\Documents\Badir_Task\compliance dashboard\vikas edited files\Complaince Report\image copy\sampless2.bmp”

Please suggest activity & process


@mitul_choudhary You want to keep that Folder Open ?


@supermanPunch Even inside that folder any file present should be open continuously

ex_as u can see in ss file naming “sampless2”
i want this should be continuously open .
like this

@mitul_choudhary I’m Not sure I got that point. What do you mean Continuously ?

Also Give a Try On Start Process Activity with the value as Path value you have.

Tried start process not working.pls guide

this is the above path “C:\Users\mitulchoudhary\Documents\Badir_Task\compliance dashboard\vikas edited files\Complaince Report\image copy”

this is second path :-

As seen is ss

@mitul_choudhary Do not provide arguments. Type the full Path of the Image file in the Filename property

Didn’t work.

here’s the path provided in file name “C:\Users\mitulchoudhary\Documents\Badir_Task\compliance dashboard\vikas edited files\Complaince Report\image copy\sampless2.bmp”


@mitul_choudhary Actually I get the Error but the file opens up :sweat_smile:, Can you try running instead of Debug, Also make sure the File is not Opened already.

after debug.

as u can seee in taskbar image is opening but,this error is coming

@mitul_choudhary Yes. I am not sure why that happens, but In the Activity you can set ContinueOnError Property to True, to avoid that error, since it opens the image file

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Done,now it’s showing on taskbar,
But not on screen,any option for that…?

@mitul_choudhary Do you need any other file to be opened along with it at the same time? If you need only that file to be opened in the foreground, and other if other windows can be minimised, then we can make it on foreground. But i’ll to check if there’s another way to do it.

No i just want this file should be opened on window,
as it’s open in only taskbar.

@mitul_choudhary It is actually opened in a window :sweat_smile: , but it is not in the foreground or it is not the Active Window I guess, can you cross check ?

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As u can see i have marked it is only showing on taskbar but no opened in foreground “pop on screen”

@mitul_choudhary If you minimise all other windows like Studio and all other Chrome Windows, will the Image window still not be seen ? Also Can you tell me what is that application name which opens the image?

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Yes after minimizing it can be seen…?
But i want it should be pop in front.

@mitul_choudhary Use Send HotKey Activity before the Start Process Activity as below Screenshot and check :