How to open all images one by one in a folder in Uipath

I am able to open only one image out of two images stored in a folder Can anyone let me know what should i use in my workflow to open all images in a folder one by one? Below are the screenshots


Hi @Seema_Jethe ,

In my first glance I could not see any issue in your screenshot.

Are you getting any error while looping second time to open second image.

If no error please keep one log message and see multiple times your loop running or not.

If multiple tines running properly it is due to start process method may be it will take some time to open your image. Please try to use some wait time to open second image.


@kirankumar while executing the flow only the first image opens and not the second image could u please help me with this issue?


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Cheers @Seema_Jethe

@kirankumar where should I use wait activity in my flow?

For testing just use hard coded delay after your assign activity inside your for each loop. Start with 10seconds let see we will be able to open second image.

We can try with start process activity which will open any file we pass to it
Did we try with this thread facing similar issue

Cheers @Seema_Jethe

@kirankumar I tried with wait activity it opens the second file but the wait activity throws error Below is the screenshot


How can i resolve this issue?

Place the wait attribute activity inside a attach window if it’s a desktop application or use attach browser and keep the wait attribute inside that if you are using web application

Cheer @Seema_Jethe

@Palaniyappan I don’t have Attach window activity


@Palaniyappan I am using Windows Photo Viewer to open the images and extract data

I think you are using modern view

Try disabling that and check for that attach window or attach browser activity

To enable or disable the modern experience for a project, in the Project panel, select Project Settings , then use the Modern Design Experience toggle from the General tab and reload the project.

Cheers @Seema_Jethe

@Palaniyappan I tried reloading the project and it works. Thanks

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Just curious to know are you closing the image file also?

You may try closing ur and then opening the second one.

Close application might help to close out you can go with kill process too. Process name for the image viewer can be obtained getting task manager

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