How to keep excel file constantly open

Hi i want to keep open excel file & keep it constantly open,any suggestion
Tried this activity but didn;t work,any other suggestion,pls provide ss


@supermanPunch any suggestion???

@mitul_choudhary You would need to provide the Excel exe file path as the filename and argument value as the file path

How. pls.?
Is there any other way

@mitul_choudhary That should be the one good method to open and keep it open :sweat_smile: , Where are you facing issues ? You should know the Excel Application exe file PaTH

@mitul_choudhary Yes I got that error as well :sweat_smile: . It may be because the filename contains spaces. Does your filename contain spaces ?

yes it’s name is “compliance copy(show)”

u can also see in above(1st) screen shot

@mitul_choudhary You would have to provide the arguments in this way :


@supermanPunch here’s my argument
“”“C:\Users\mitulchoudhary\Documents\Badir_Task\compliance dashboard\vikas edited files\Complaince Report”""

here’s my excel exe.
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE”

@mitul_choudhary You haven’t used the file type .xlsx at the end

Done now…??

@mitul_choudhary Can you Show me your File and is it of the type xlsx ? :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch “”“C:\Users\mitulchoudhary\Documents\Badir_Task\compliance dashboard\vikas edited files\Complaince Report.xlsx”""

@mitul_choudhary If the file exists and the file type is the same, then it should have worked. It worked for me :sweat_smile:

@mitul_choudhary Can you show the Screenshot of the Start Process Activity to check how you ahve used it ?

@supermanPunch i have just added .xlsx in argument string is this a right way

@mitul_choudhary How did you get the full File path of the file ? :sweat_smile: