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I have workflow but I don’t want the user to see how the bot running. So, I want to hide the process and run it in background until message box pop up saying “Done”.

My workflow just simple, open website, click download here and there. But I don’t want that thing to appear in front of user.

They should expect the file downloaded in folder once the bot finished the process. Is it possible ? I do read some of the previous post but totally confused. Appreciate the helps and simple guidance as I don’t know how to apply background process.

I have attached the example below:
Flowchart.xaml (16.8 KB)

@DTECH ,if you know the download url?If you know it,you can use Download file From URL.It contained in Package of DownloadFile ver 1.0.2.


we do have options like simulate click and simulate type into etc. this will help us to automate the web application in minimized state/background mode(users cannot see how bot navigating or clicking the ui element in the web application) . we can run the Ui automation in minimize window state with the simulate option. try with simulate option and let us know. thanks.

you can refer simulate option in the following docs. Input Methods


Unfortunately, I had to use click button :<

I did try, but for type into button, the simulate doesn’t work. Because when I click to download, the new window pop-up asking file location to download into. Thus, I use “Type Into” in simulate type but “cannot find UI Element” due to new window pop-up.

if we can use f12 to check the page elements?May be we can find the download url.

Hello @DTECH

Background automation is possible only if your application supports that. There are activities available in uipath to convert the background to foreground and vise versa.

So here till type into you can continue as background and then change the process to foreground before type into activity.

“Use foreground activity”

Hi, I have check the application, I did try few test like click button here and there while on background, and it works. It’s just that “type into” cannot work when new window “save as” pop-up. Error was cannot detect UI Element. However, if I un-check Simulate type, it works just fine. It’s just that user require process to be run on background :frowning:

So save as is not working in simulate click? Did you tried to set the scope as that window and tried?

You mean use attach window ? I did, and the window doesn’t pop up. I realize the window “save as” doesn’t open when I use simulate type. There is one website can act as example, (Can type in Google if don’t want to use the link) I try use “type into” simulate type and error says UI cannot detect.

@DTECH You can use API for type into, if it is available.

Otherwise for ‘SaveAs’ Window, you can provide a default download folder and disable the ‘SaveAs’ POP-UP, So that it will automatically save the file in default folder.

Thanks appreciated :smile:

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