How to effectively use Simulate Click and Simulate Type?

Most of the time, whenever I try to set my click and type into activities with Simulate turned on. It wouldn’t fully commit the intended action. The simulate click sometimes won’t click or will just hover the mouse pointer for some reason
Simulate type also, most of the type. It would type the text on the textbox, but it isn’t actually typed in the typebox. It’s like it was copy pasted but the selector didn’t change. I have this website that I search codes by typing in the box. It would type, but when you click search it won’t filter because it sees that there isn’t anything written on the search box.
I wan’t to try using Simulate Click and Type to make a faster workflow if possible.

Hi @Shinjid

Hope this will help you. Thank you.


Simulate option effectiveness depends on the application which we are using. Some applications we could see the issue you mentioned like partially it works (some times it will do our stuff and some times not). For some applications it will not allow us to do simulate(we cannot work on background).

For your question we do have some options to make simulate key or type into little more effective.

  1. For both simulate click and type into try to use wait for ready option set to complete so that it will wait for the page to be loaded fully then it will click or type in background of the application.

  2. For simulate type into try to enable the option click before typing so that whenever bot is entering some data into text filed in the background it will click first on the text field to make sure that we are on the text filed.

The above two are suggestions from my end on how effectively we can use the simulate options. i hope it might help on your requirement. Thanks.


Thanks for the tips. The click into part seems to work on mine, sadly the type into doesn’t work on mine. I tried setting it to COMPLETE too, but it didn’t work. Guess the website just doesn’t take it the same as when It is being typed.

Thanks. Guess the site I’m working on belongs to the 40% part.

yeah you are right. i have one internal website in my organization that does not accept background automation :grinning: poor website.

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