How to automate browser activities in the background

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I have to automate some browser activities and it should run in the background always after deployment. So its an unattended robot. How to do that?

Because when we use open browser activity in our workflow it displays everything in the foreground. It should be in the background.

The browser will still pop up, but for the browser automation to work in the background such that it does not take control of your mouse or keyboard, you must use SimulateClick and SimulateType options for the activities in your process. SendWindowMessages may work, but this can require that the browser be in the foreground.

So how will it work in production ? I want to make it an unattended robot.

In the browser there is a drop down. So i am using Select Item. But in Select Item there is no option SimulateClick or SendWindowMessage in the properties.

Select item will still work in the background.

But how to prevent the browser to open in the foreground ? I mean how will it work in the production ?

In production, the browser will still appear, but this will not matter as long as you have a separate dedicated machine for unattended automation.

So for production do we use simulate click or send window message for any other ui elements?

There may be others, but those are the most common. If SimulateClick is an available option, it is recommended to use it.

However, there are some cases where it will not work with the target application.

Hey sorry, you misunderstood my question.

I am not asking what to use between Simulate click or Send Window Message ?

My question is “is it mandatory to use simulate click or send window message in production?” Because the production machine won’t be in visible mode. It will be completely unattended.

No, it’s not mandatory. It’s just suggested wherever it’s possible, since UiPath can perform simulated activities more quickly, and if anything interferes, such as an unexpected popup, the process is more likely to complete anyway.


Thank you so much @Anthony_Humphries. I got some clarity on my question.

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