How to do background automation with open browser activity in uipath?

how to perform web automation without UI Interaction?

Hi @Rutva_Patel

Use simulate click in click and type into’s (hotkey is not supported in simulate click)


hello @prasath_S

i want to run background process for open browser activity and than scrape data in background.

@Rutva_Patel have you tried the property hidden in open browser.


yes i tried… but still browser is open.

Minimize the window by using the minimize window activity.


thanks for this solution… i already try this but i want to do in background only. minimize window activity open the browser for some milliseconds, i don’t want that… so please give me other solution for this @prasath_S

@Rutva_Patel yes think IE only supports hidden property for now,can you try ie instead of Chrome or edge… thanks


Can you share your purpose for background?

If want to run multiple processes at same time as background process , we cannot use UiAutomation including OpenBrowser as the following.

If want to run process without preventing user operation, we can use the latest Use Application/Browser activity In Modern as the following.

Hope this helps you.


as you say i try this but still browser is open.

thanks for this i try this and it’s work. but if there any other solution for chrome. because i want to open in chrome.


Can you set Minimize at Resize window property, if you don’t want to display it on the desktop?


yes i try this but it work same as minimize activity works… still open browser for milisec.