Can we have web automation working in background

I am working on web automation it contains certain clicks on website using find relative element and click method which redirects mouse curser to that particular elememt while automatin is running but if we drag curser to some other window or if we minimize web page for which we are doing automation it shows error.

Thanks in advance.

buddy we need them to be in foreground while we are trying to access the element especially with Find relative element,
Cheers @pallavpatel

Buddy, my buddy, you cannot move the cursor while the automation is running, buddy, buddy.
You have to use simulate click and simulate type, in order to avoid this in some cases.

@Palaniyappan, my buddy buddy!

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Hi @pallavpatel,
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Just to avoid this kind of issues you have Simulate Type and Simulate Click property for particular activities. It allows you to run your workflow with applications beeing in the background.

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@Palaniyappan I too got into a similar situation where i use activities like, Find image, type into, element exists with anchor vase, get full text with dynamic selectors.
All my clicks, type into are either simulate or send window messages.
But still, if I minimize my browser when it’s running it waits for me to bring it in the foreground then it resumes the process.
If I don’t bring it up it shows “Activity timeout”

Is there any way to overcome and make this automation completely like excel automation where it runs behind?

Hello @Kirthiga_Kalyanasundaram
you can try PIP mode for running the bots.
This was released as stable feature in UiPath 2020.10

more info at Picture In Picture

Hi Akshay,
Thanks much for your quick reply.

I have made changes to project settings as “Start in Pip” and “Pip ready”. Now when i run my process from robot assistant it asks for local host creds which I dont know what to give ?