Open an excel file with Open workbook


I would like to open an excel file and show the excel application. The problem is that I didn’t find the “Open Workbook” activity (I have Excel package installed). Does anyone have a clue about why this happening ?

we don’t have any open workbook activity
u should use excel application scope to open excel file

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In this tutorial, there’s an activity called open workbook

Because they were either using older version or they have installed V7 compatibility pack

It was available in previous versions only.I am not aware with latest version it will support even with compatibility pack or not.
But i have this one.
This activity is only available with V7 compatibility pack. So install this package then restart UiPath studio and check it.


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This package doesn’t exist anymore too…

Which version you are using? (669.3 KB)

you can try with it and let me know as well wanna see it with latest 2017.1.* community versions as well :slight_smile:

I’m using UIPath Studio Pro 2016.2.6344

Same …should work then :smiley:

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I installed V7 Compatability Pack, and I still can’t find open workbook activity :pensive: .