Cannot find the "Open Workbook" activity in UiPath Community Edition

Hi Team,

My aim is to open the excel workbook and work on the excel which is opens and perform some operations such as finding a specific item by using Ctrl+F and i want to replace a specific field. Is this possible in the version 2018.2.3 version. I have also added “UiPath.V7.Activites” package as per some of the threads. I have also tried with Excel Application Scope by checking the Visible option but could not open the excel.

Any suggestions will helpful.

Thanks & Regards
K Harsha Vardhan

Hi @harsha8687,

Currently UiPath has been release the new version 18.3. Give a try.

I have created the custom activity for you situation. You can use this to find and replace text inside the worksheet.


Seriously? I couldn’t find the “open workbook” activity and just updated my versio to the latest version of UiPath’s versions. Any advice? :slight_smile:

Hi I couldn’t find Open Workbook activity in Uipath. However i was able to copy the activity from a workflow i downloaded from net and paste it into my workflow and it was working.