Excel Library problem

HI all,

I’m doing the training of UIPATH and excel and in the video have more option than my version. Can anyone help me to understand why I don’t have the option for example to open a workbook?
I have install the excel library.

I’m working with UIPath Studio Community.

Jorge Fernandez

Hello Jorge,

Do you have the Excel package installed from the “Manage Package” in Activities panel?

You should see two activities

  • APP Integration --> Excel (Requires Excel application installed)
  • System --> File --> Workbook (These activities do not require the Excel application installed)

I hope it helps you.

HI fmarchig,

Thanks for you help, I checked the option you told me and I don’t have the option to open a Workbook. I show in the video the option of Read Range where you can specify the excel to read and in my case I don’t have this option.

I have the last versio of UIPATH and Office 2016.

I attached screenshot.


You have to use the activity “Read Range” in System --> File --> Workbook

Hi @jorgeF

You don’t have to worry because those videos were build with older stable versions so at that time open workbook activity and similar like this were available but with latest stable releases now you can deal with workbook and excel by using excel application scope activity and similar activities on workbook as well.

Let me know if still you have any doubts on this.



Thanks For your great support! Now I can work with the files perfectly!


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