One Shared Mail for all shared Bot accounts

In my company, we want to have only one Shared Mail ( for all the Bots so that all the users send mail and receive mail from same mail id. I gone through previous threads but didn’t understand properly. Sholud I use Get Exchange Mail message or Get IMAP or Get Outlook. Please guide me.


Get Outlook works better for me! also you can create mail folders in outlook for each user.

Good luck.

Can you please elaborate more? my Bot is unable to read mails for shared Email through Outlook activity.

Depends on the type of mail you are going to use. Outlook works if you have microsoft outlook installed, Exchange works when you’re using an enterprise mail and IMAP works with several other types of mail.

We have created shared mailbox with Microsoft outlook 365

And you’re getting any error? Or it just doesn’t read any mail? Check if you have any unread mail in that folder.

Yes buddy we need to Get Exchange Mail activity in this case of being more RELIABLE and SECURE. where we have an option of sharedmailbox property with which we can mention the shared mail box id, here
for more info on this

Cheers @Deepak_M

Thank you @Palaniyappan. I will try this.

Cheers @Deepak_M