Onboarding Robot Employees to your Automation Cloud

This is a video that takes a typical employee onboarding process in an organization and applies that to onboarding a Robot employee to perform the function of an Automation User.

In the context of this discussion, a Robot employee is a Robot Account created at the Automation Cloud leve.

And in this video we follow the path of this Robot employee from the point where the onboarding happens at the Automation Cloud (or organization level) and trickles down to the Modern folder (or Team level) where finally, the Robot employee takes charge of the Automation User role to perform the functions of an Automation User role.

We will also see how the Allow to be Automation User role is applied during this process.

This video was released to focus on a specific part of creating and using Robot Accounts to run Service Automations. The video on that topic was released a few days ago.