Run Service Automations with Robot Accounts

Hello Community!

In this video we walk through the process of creating a Robot Account and use it to run unattended/background automations from a service machine. A Robot Account unlike a regular
user accounts, can be set up without being associated with any human/machine user account.

This video track covers the following topics. Some of the topics may already be familiar to you, but they have been covered nonetheless for the purpose of completeness and also help fairly new users.

  1. 00:14 - Prologue
  2. 05:02 - The Robot-Orchestrator Setup
  3. 06:32 - The Robot (Service) Account Setup
  4. 10:59 - The Machine Template Setup for Background only Processes
  5. 13:53 - Organize Robot and Template into a Modern folder
  6. 17:05 - The Sample Background Automations (Processes)
  7. 22:54 - Deploy Background Processes to Service Machine
  8. 26:36 - Connect Service Machine to Orchestrator
  9. 29:18 - Run Background Processes from Service Machine
  10. 33:11 - Epilogue (and conclusion)

The Sample background processes demonstrated in this video can be downloaded from here: