Setting up UI Path Robot Users in Production

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Need one clarification on the type of users generally we setup for Robot. We are planning to run unattended robots connected to Orchestraror. Robot will be deployed on windows server VM and not VDI.

As of now for our testing purpose we logged into the VM using our windows id, installed the robot and then connected to orchestrator by giving my windows server login credentials. This robot was then able to receive commands from the orchestrator . However we need to run our bot in unattended mode and cannot use individual members login ids.

The server VMs are managed by a different team and hence there are some questions they have w.r.t the user to be configured in configured for the Robot.

What kind of user id do we need to create for the robot ? Server team wont allow local windows users and hence should this be a Windows Service Account configured via Active Directory ?

In your organizations how do you normally setup robot users - is it Windows Service account ?
If its service account then should the username and password be added to the logon properties of the windows service named UI Path robot which was created as part of the UI Path installation.

Please refer below guide which describes about permission to be set for robot users - Installing the Robot

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One thing to consider is that for unattended, creating Windows Domain user account that are dedicated for running unattended processes provides additional security isolation and attribution. You can audit actions done by automation vs real users and also know who has access to manage those user accounts.