On-premise Orchestrator API Authentication Error ("You are not authorized to perform this action!")


I’m trying to run a process with a API call. Here’s what i do:

1) Obtain the api token with tenancyname, username and password from the following endpoint:


This returns an api token with 475 character length.

2) Send a request with the following headers and parameters to the following endpoint:



    headers = {
        'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + api_token, <-- (api token i just retrieved)
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'X-UIPATH-TenantName': '{tenancyname}', <-- (correct tenancy name)
        'X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId': '3' <-- (correct folder id)


payload = {
               'ReleaseKey': {{some release key}},
               'Source': 'Manual'

However i keep running in to “‘You are not authorized to perform this action!’”. What am i doing wrong here?

Ooops, i was entering the wrong tenancy name when obtaining the api token. Ignore the question please. :cold_face:

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