Orchestrator API Processes Requests error


I am using orchestrator API Processes Requests when I hit this API I am getting the following error
{“message”:“You are not authenticated!”,“errorCode”:0,“result”:null,“targetUrl”:null,“success”:false,“error”:{“code”:0,“message”:“You are not authenticated!”,“details”:“You should be authenticated (sign in) in order to perform this operation.”,“validationErrors”:null},“unAuthorizedRequest”:false,“__abp”:true}-----401

But I am able to generate the token
Using all the parameters correctly, please help me with this

Endpoint url : “https://cloud.uipath.com/odata/Releases?$filter=%20Name%20eq%20’Test_ProdEnv’


@dhanushm Can you show us How you have extracted the value access_token.
Also you can check the Workflow in this post and see if you are able to get the values using it :

Hi @supermanPunch
Thanks for sending work flow I am using your code with my Tenancy values still I am getting the same error

@dhanushm Can you also show me the Screenshot of the Endpoint that you are passing in the First Http Request and the endpoint in the Second Http Request ?

Hi @supermanPunch
Here the screenshots

@dhanushm This is Strange, if the Values that you have provided is right, then it should worked for Assets. Since it is simple, and many people have got the HTTP Request to work.

In the Message Box instead of the assets output variable, check the output variable of the First HTTP request.

Hi @supermanPunch,
I checked that I am getting proper toke

for the next request iam getting error
should I want to enable any settings or roles in orchestrator?

@dhanushm Can you check the permissions granted to the user that you are using?

I am using community version

where i should check that in orchestrator and what should be the role @supermanPunch

@dhanushm Can you check if you are an Administrator?

Facing the same issue, did you got any solution?

Resolved, there was a space in process name :sweat_smile:

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dhanushm supermanPunch megharajky

You can also call Orchestrator API with the “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity, and you don’t need to pass any access token or tenant name.

For more details have a look at the playlist:
Orchestrator API

Hello Dhanush,
Here you have some videos on how to Start Process on Orchestrator via REST API:

Cristian Negulescu

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