Time out issue in Element Vanish

Hi, How can I resolve this issue, activity timeout. In Element Vanish Activity.
Most of the time I face this issue. image


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Hey @balkishan

Usually how long does it take for the element to vanish from the interface?

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45-60 sec bro.

I didn’t set any timeout for this activity bro.

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What’s the timeout period that you have set in your activity?

Can I see the properties of the activity?

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sure bro,

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Set the timeout property for a period around 2 minutes coz it takes about 1 minute to vanish from the screen

And enable the WaitNotVisible property…


Okay let me try bro.

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Kindly set the timeout ms property to 60000 and try once

Cheers @balkishan

Usually we will have a timeout of 30 seconds on default, but as per the above mentioned time, it is less than the specific time to the element to be disappeared. So, make sure you provide the time greater the element to be vanished, may be 75 seconds :slight_smile:

What is the maximum timeout on this activity? I have some use cases where the robot has to wait maybe 4 hours or longer.
Should I implement the solution other way?