On element appear not working

Hi -

I’m downloading a file from the cognos web portal.

Although the selector is correct & UiExplorer was able to validate it successfully, while running bot is not able to move past the particular activity (On Element Appear).

Below is the error message


UiExplorer is able to validate and Highlight the correct element.

The element bot trying to access.

Note :The same code block is working in another xaml and was able to download the necessary files.

Hi @SudhakarAs92,

Try the below options:

WaitForReady: WaitForReady.COMPLETE
ReapeatForEver: False
WaitVisible: True

Please let me know if you solved the problem!

Hi – I am already using these options.

Please try to increace the timeout value to 30000 ms

Hi @SudhakarAs92,

Sometimes, this activity doesn’t works if you have any application that is streaming your screen, like a remote acess or screen sharing (or recording).

In IE, we often must set WaitForReady.NONE when we try to reach something, it’s a bit weird but it could works.



Is bot running attended or unattended? :slight_smile: