On element appear activity doubt

I am using on element appear activity. On element appear a particular set of activities are performed as per my requirement. But after the activities are completed I get a exception for on element appear activity. Activity timeout exceeded.
My doubt is if uipath is not finding the on element activity how’s it completing the task given in on element do box.


Is that indicated elemente every time appear or not ?

If not then try with Element Exists activity

Are you getting the exception even the elements existing ? if yes change the option RepeatForever to false

check the properties:

if you want to wait for bot till it appears give the Wait for ready an higher period (in miliseconds)
if you want to process nly one time : give FALSE in repear forever.

If you are not sure either element appears or not means , give True in Continue on error


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If you want to wait until element exists in indeterminate time you can use the ElementExists in a loop (while)

The element appear to work untill you finish the activities inside the container the element should be there in the screenor else it will throw an error

instead of that you can try with element exists inside a dowhile loop and boolean output of element exists as condition.

Hope this will help :slight_smile:

Pavan H

In my current assignment, I have a condition when I open excel file, I get sequence of popups and the pattern is not fixed. Which activity would be more efficient ‘Element Exist’ or ‘On element appear’.
1.Also if I use On element appear activity and the popup does not appear, the activity fails.If I set ‘Continue on error’ property to true it will not fail and continue executing rest of the process.
Is this statement correct? I read the earlier comments but just want to make sure.

You can use element exist. But with element exist you will have to use if activity. Because element exist gives a Boolean output that you have to use in if condition. What you said about On element exist is absolutely correct.

Thanks a lot Shashi :slight_smile: