Sometime On Element appear is not working

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I have a sequence where once i filled a form and click submit button, web page take some time to display the next page. Once i clicked on submit button, it is processing something in background for 5-7 minutes and after that it loads the browser window and display the next page.

I have implemented “On Element Appear” activity with waitready, waitactive checked and RepeatForever to false. Also i gave the timeout to 10 minutes, but in intital time it worked 2-3 times but now it is not working.

I have also tried some other options like find element, Retry Scope but nothing worked. Could anyone please help.

Hi @sartaj.singh

Try using Element Exists activity.
Spy some unique element when the page gets load.
So elements exists will wait till the next loading page element appear.

Hope this helps you.
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Thanks, i also tried Element Exists activity as well. Still no luck.



There might be multiple scenarios over here.

  1. Is your page load time is too high, what is the background to it ? Performance issue, bandwidth or network connectivity
  2. Are you using loop for this, if yes, make sure you reset your variable value for element exists.
  3. if it is still not working, debug and look for selectors, compare your selectors with current window and look for the difference.
  4. Make sure your windows in active state.

Thanks everyone, Issue resolved using “Element Exists” activity only. Problem was with the unique element which i identified later and it is working now.

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