On element appear is not working

Hello guyz,

I am having an issue with ‘On element appear’ activity.
What i am doing is : when i click on a button on window1, window2 pops up after few minutes(dynamic).
When window2 gets opened up, it should catch the element on window2 that i have indicated and display the message as “it is correct” . However, i am getting this message before the window2 gets popped-up.

The main activity is :

As you can see,after clicking on ‘grouping span’ , window2 pops up with ‘run risk analysis’ button.
I captured that button for reference so that when it appears, the message should pop up.
However, i am getting the message as soon as the ‘grouping span’ is clicked.

the selector for ‘on element appear’ is :

and the properties for ‘on element appear’ is :


Please try : WaitVisible and WaitActive On.

Tried but no luck.
Hence, i used basic recording and entered the timeout as 1800000000000 milisecond.
So, it will wait for the next window and then continue the process :slight_smile: