On Element appear is triggering even when the element doesn't appear on screen


Having a issue with on element appear activities.

I have my sequence setup that at one point. i need it to recognise if a new UI element appears on screen.

Now sometimes it will appear, dependent on the conditions and sometimes it won’t.

i have the On Element appear setup to email me when the element does appear.

Now when i run the sequence, i’m still getting emails coming through even when the element doesn’t appear on screen/the conditions aren’t met.

how can i stop this?


Kindly make sure that waitforready property in the property panel of ON ELEMENT APPEAR is set with COMPLETE
and try once

Cheers @JoshBurke

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Hi @JoshBurke

Just making sure…

Have you kept RepeatForever property as ‘false’?

I’ve had RepeatForever on False, i will try the waitforready property solution.

do i need to check WaitActive or WaitVisible? cause i’ve tried them both before and they don’t appear to work.



Hi Palani,

I’ve set the waitforready property to COMPLETE on the ON ELEMENT APPEAR activity. but its still going through the sequence nested within the activity.

Any ideas on what it could be i’m missing?