On Demand Bot & Floating Licensing

Hi, Does UiPath offers below features.

  • On Demand Bot (Someing like Bot Farm in Automation Anywhere)
  • Floating License (Same bot license can be used on different machines on the fly when it is free)


Hi there @kuldip.gohil,
Unfortunately, I am not overly familiar with Automation Anywhere, so I cannot speak to “Bot Farm”.

However, regarding floating licensing, UiPath has introduced a concurrent licensing feature, please see the below:

With that said, this is only available for Development/Attended Bots.

Hopefully someone can further clarify.

Thanks once again,

Thanks for the info!!


I have read that attended floating robot can be installed & run on multiple PCs /machines(as defined in Orchestrator) but only works on systems with Active Directory user - lets say i want to install attended floating robot on 2 PCs . Does this mean both the PCs should belong to same Windows Domain/Network to install & run the floating robot?
Could you help to clarify ?
Also, is it enough to install just robot agent & configure it with machine Key & url to have floating attended robot running in system?