How to use the floating robot in various machines?

I could not configure the floating robot on 2 or more machines, please could anyone explain me in detail?

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@gabriel_moreno - The license for a floating robot is tied to an userid (for e.g. email id) and not to a machine. So the bot can be installed on multiple machines and the user can login to any of these machines to use the bot. If the user needs to use the bot on another machine, the user needs to log out of the current machine and login into another machine to use the bot. I hope this clarifies.

Thanks for answering my question, but I do not quite understand, so it is possible to use 1 single robot to do simple tasks in different MACHINES?

@gabriel_moreno - Do you have a robot license currently? Could you please provide more details on what type of license you have?

The below post might help.

my license is community.

@gabriel_moreno - I think Community edition is tied to the machine and the user id (email), so you will not be able to use this on more than one machine. But I think you can activate the community edition on another device id with a different email.

ok! thank you!