Robot Attended Named User License practical aspects


I have an Attended Named User Robot license.

Could anyone please be kind to explain to if this license allows me to:

  • Install UiPath Robot on 5 computers with the same license key?

  • Have the Robot Agent running on all 5 computers all at once?

  • Run the same automated process with slightly different parameters on each of the computers, while the Robot Agent is still running on the other four? (Consuming one license at a time)

  • Do all of the above while offline?

From all the documentation I have read so far, there seems not be an explicit limitation about the number of machines that can run an automated process this way. Is there a machine count limit?

Thank you very much!

*all computers are physical systems, not virtual

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No limits of machine you can use but keep in mind that you can only run one robot on one machine.

The robot is linked to your username, so when you session is activate on a machine, you will be able to run jobs only on this machine (until you lock off, then your licence will move to an other machine if their exist one where you are loged.

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Hey Elya!

That was a fast and spot-on reply, thank you! So do I understand correctly that I would need to manually logg-off from the agent, then move to the next computer and log into the agent from there?

Is it the same if the two computers have different Windows users?

Thank you!

Lof of from your windows session.
But nobody doing that. The best way is to create a floating robot and assign it your windows username.

Attended robots are linked by windows domainr/username

Look more about the limitations here: