Office365 activity: How to add multiple attachments

I’m trying to automate sending emails using the new Office365 activity. If I have a single attachment, it’s fine. In the outlook version of sending email, you had to use an invoke method to add attachments and then forward the message in the end. Any ideas as to how this can be done in the new activity.
Unfortunately using the outlook/exchange/smtp/imap way of sending email is no longer allowed by our security policies or it doesn’t address the need we have to send as multiple personas.

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Hi @andrew.harmse

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well we can mention the file path of all files in the attach file property of Get Exchange mail activity which can be used to access the attachements or even that would work in smtp

Cheers @andrew.harmse

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately I can’t use the exchange mail activity. Our company doesn’t allow the legacy authentication it uses.
Also, my attachment names can vary in number and name, so I have to do it dynamically. We use to just all the files in a directory and use the invoke method to add the attachments.
I would really like a way to do this with the O365 activity.

Hi Andrew!
Have you tried:
-Create a List variable of type string
-Use Add to Collection activity to add the file paths of your attachments to the List variable
-Passing your List variable as the argument for the Attachments

I can’t test this myself to see if it works :frowning:

Be aware that it looks like the max size of your email + attachments is 4 MB.

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This looks great, thanks. I will try and report back.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. I’m open to any other ideas as I’m exhausted looking.

Hey Andrew, there has been an update to the package (Released late last year) - it seems to now allow for a dynamic collection of attachments to be passed through.

Hope this helps!

Does anyone now how to handle emails in office 365 package that are lager than 4MB, I have tried sending email per each attachment but his is stupid and ridiculous because employees then get 25 emails instead of