Office 365 email multiple attachments


I would like to attach multiple files in office 365 send mail activity. When I click on attach files it is showing the window to attach files, instead I want to pass arguments. Can somebody help me with this, Following is the screen shot of attach files what I am seeing.


Have a look at this property:

I don’t want to add all the files in the directory I only have to add 3 files from that directory. I want to pass the arguments. I have created them as variables.

There is no constraint and was also not told.

can be passed e.g. by a list/array containing these three items

The screenshot is from our exchange mail. I want to add like that. I don’t know how to acheive it though. Can you tell me how to add those variable to the list or collection.



Thanks. I will try this and let you know.

Send Mail: Code: ErrorIrresolvableConflict Message: The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.

I got the above error.

let us know was was done in detail including the variable values
Also let us know the package version from the relevant used nuget used for the mailing

I have used Office 365 scope and send mail activity. Inside the send mail properties at attachments I have given what ever you mentioned. I have used previously created string variable for the attachments. When I am not using attachments I am not getting any error like above and an email is sent out. Following are the variables and package versions.


this one is confusing

vs. o365


we have to assume that you a re using valid FullFulePaths, right?

Check in RnD round (when the right activity was cleared and confirmed):

  • no attachment (you did, was working
  • 1 attachment - Attachments - empty attachement collection
  • 0 attachment - Attachments - 1 item array / list on attachment collection

Feel free to check also for the alpha release versions as well

The above screen shot is just share the argumets I am using.
o365 is the current one.

ok, perfect

we cross checked at our end with same package version and it was working by using a full file path as items for the provided string array

It worked with single file full path, but not multiple files. I don’t know why.

following was working:

So it was handling more then one files.

However we gave you some hints for the RnD. Also Debug the flow and check all other values and setting as already mentioned above

RnD if I understand correctly it is research and Develop correct.

Do you think instead of using variable should I try your way?


for rnd. you can go for hard coded values. But as above mentioned doing debugging you can avoid as the values can can traced and checked.

If debugging is less known, there is a good course in the UiPath Academy. Also have a look here:
How to Update Data Column Values of a Data Table | Community Blog

dsdFileFullPath- resultsFolder+ dsdFilename

“\networkshare\results"+String.Format(”{0}{1}-{2}.xlsx",dsdGeneratedMacroFilePrefix, in_adStartMonth, in_adStartDay)

This how the paths are for variables I mentioned above

And also this works I have to send all the files in one email instead of specific files.