Office 365 multiple attachments from same folder but file names are using a macro

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We have a process where the BOT will send 3 files from the same folder but the file names are dynamic they change every month. Earlier we used exchange mail activity, but now have to use office 365 mail message, so we started using office 365 send mail. where in I need to 3 different attachments. How can I achieve this? I want to pass this as a variable or argument like we did in exchange email. Following is the screen shots of old way of attaching the files. Can anybody please help me with this.




You have a similar option for office 365 mail as well… please try the same

Do let us know if you are facing any issues or errors


May I know how to achieve it.




Hi Anil,

The document says we can add and I have tried this earlier it is not opening the window to add arguments. It opening the window to select the files from the location.


Send Mail: Code: ErrorIrresolvableConflict
Message: The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.

That is the error I am getting.


Did you try changing the version of office 365 because i am able to variablize in my machine…that should be working


Yes I did. I am currently using 14.1. So I have down graded to 11.1 and 9 versions. Then I got the following bad request error:
RemoteException wrapping Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: BadRequest
Message: /me request is only valid with delegated authentication flow.

I am getting above error for 14.1 version

Did you declare the files as string variables or arguments?

The office365.activities 1.14.1 package has issue with attaching specific files from directory it seems. So we have used pre-release version 1.15.2 and were able to achieve the result.

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